Kaizen Institute - Success Story

Food - Dairy

Flow Management, Productive Mainentance

Client Profile

A market leader in manufacturing processed cheese and cream cheese in Romania.

Improvement Potential

  • Delayed goods deliveries
  • Frequent changeover
  • Frequent equipment failures
  • Constant pressure from customers in regards to the quality, failure in providing the requested quantities and delivery delays
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Root Causes

  • Wrong practices concerning production change (changeover)
  • High changeover time
  • Process and movement muda and Mura due to lack of standards
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Our Approach

  • Creating dedicated boards for parts and tools
  • Implementing color coded visual management
  • Optimization of the operating process
  • Introducing changeover trolleys dedicated to equipment
  • Introducing dedicated time management tools
  • Investing in special lifting and transporting equipment
  • Setting positions, labelling and standardization
  • Introducing better gathering methods, standardized parts and Poka Yoke
  • Introduction of specific workplace control tools
  • Control and adjustments integrated blocks

Key Results

  • Distance during changeover decreased by 48% (from 668 meters to 350 meters)
  • Optimized methods and tools
  • Zero changeover time (under 3 min.)
  • Better preparation and organization, achieved with low cost investments and training of the operators
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